About Us


We don’t chase fads. We stick with markets we know best where our deep domain expertise, connections, and understanding of buyer behavior and market dynamics will propel your business.

eCommerce & Retail

We’re always looking for new models in retail that are either purely online, or combine online/offline to flatten the supply chain, remove cost and friction from the system, facilitate marketplaces, and otherwise deliver superior products and services to customers.

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Digital Media

Our Digital Media companies include both content engines, and those who provide the infrastructure for publishers and brands to monetize and manage their businesses, communities of customers, and online presence.

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Industrial Technologies

We invest in analytical instrumentation, technology-enabled services, process control automation and software that is used in industries such as Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Environmental and Life Sciences. We concentrate on defensible technologies and services that are resistant to commoditization, established brand names, and recurring revenue streams from consumables.

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Before Big Data, before Cloud, before Open Source made money, we knew infrastructure technologies were sexy. Data center management, networking, virtualization, storage, disaster recovery, semiconductors, you name it, we know it and we’ve backed some of the leading companies and category-defining technologies in these spaces.

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Software & Services

With hundreds of software companies under our belts, we’ve seen the trends come and go, and know the behaviors of buyers as well as the business models that work. Today, it’s all about SaaS, analytics and intuitive software for business users across virtually all vertical markets, who are deploying software to improve sales, marketing, customer service, finance and operations.

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