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Fastly Raises $40M to Make the Web Go Woosh

Forbes--Speed. When it comes to the Internet, we have an insatiable desire for it. The number of people who claim that they\'re happy with the speed of their Internet and don\'t want faster pipes is pretty much zero.    

What bubble? Legacy tech gets shut out

CNBC.com--Lost in all the chatter about the inflating tech bubble is an important detail: Most of technology\'s most notable names aren\'t participating. For the incumbents selling into the enterprise, the picture is downright bleak.    

For Billion-Dollar Companies, Venture Deals Outstrip Going Public

Wall Street Journal--Venture investors and the public markets are increasingly out of sync.  

GuardiCore Raises $11M to Protect Data Centers from Within

VentureBeat--We all know that blocking attacks from accessing data centers is not effective. Just think of the snooping government agencies have been able to do. Now companies have to acknowledge that activity and find better ways to deal with threats.    

Germ-Zapping Robot on ‘Power Lunch’

CNBC--Xenex Disinfection Services hopes to fight the war against Ebola. Its CEO Morris Miller shares a demonstration of the company\'s disinfection robot Sara, which he claims can destroy a deadly virus in 5-10 minutes.

Boston’s Battery Ventures Promotes Three Investors

Boston Business Journal--Boston-based venture capital firm Battery Ventures has announced three new promotions. Principals Alex Benik and Brian Lieber are now partners at the firm, and Morad Elhafed, formerly vice president for the venture firm, is now a princpal.    

AppDynamics Nabs $120M to Join $1 Billion Club

Bloomberg BusinessWeek--AppDynamics, a startup that develops software for companies to monitor applications, has become the newest member of the $1 billion-plus valuation club.

Hexagon Acquires Vero Software

MarketWatch--Hexagon AB (sto:HEXAB), a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies, announced today the acquisition of Vero Software, a world leader in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software.

Yes, I’m Direct. But you Should be, Too.

New York Times--An interview with Phil Fernandez, chief executive of Marketo, a maker of marketing automation software, conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.  

Adrian Cockcroft on Microservices and DevOpps

InfoQ--Video interview with Battery Ventures Technology Fellow Adrian Cockcroft.

Duetto Raises $21M Led by Accel to Equip Hotels with Big Data Surge Pricing

TechCrunch--Hotels can double their profitability by successfully marking up rooms just 10 percent. That’s why Accel Partners is betting hotels will pay for Duetto, a price optimization SaaS that uses big data to dynamically surge or discount rates for rooms. 

BlockScore Lands $2M in Funding for Making I.D. Verification Easier

TechCrunch--In 2012, about 7 percent of all people aged 16 or older in the U.S. experienced identity theft, with their financial losses totaling $24.7 billion. Christopher Morton is familiar with the crime because in 2007, he had his identity stolen. With co-founders John Backus and Alain Meier, Morton created BlockScore, an identity-verification startup and member of Y Combinator’s latest batch that is launching today with $2 million in funding from Battery Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, New Atlantic Ventures, Boost VC, Y Combinator, and several angels.

WebPT Announces Significant Investment from Battery Ventures to Fuel Growth

VentureBeat--WebPT, the leading web-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution for rehabilitation therapists, today announced it has received a significant investment from Battery Ventures. WebPT intends to use the new capital to accelerate growth.

Cloud soothsayer predicts OpenStack fragmentation, Azure catchup in public cloud

GigaOm--When Adrian Cockcroft talks cloud, people listen. Or they should. He\'s the former cloud guru at Netflix and drove that company\'s use of Amazon Web Services. Since he left Netflix in January to join Battery Ventures as a technology fellow he\'s been traveling the world, talking to IT buyers about their tech plans. He will reveal what he learned at the Cloud Trends session at Structure Thursday.

Moving Data from Cloud to Cloud, Zerto Raises $26 Million

TechCrunch--With a new $26 million late-stage financing for disaster recovery and data management, software provider Zerto can now help businesses join the meta-cloud.

The Perfect Drug

Newsweek-Evan Rose\'s cancer should have killed him. He now breathes through a hole in his neck, a stoma, and when he speaks he sounds as if he has a nasty case of laryngitis. Rose describes the doctor\'s initial response to the outlook for his cancer--a type so rare that there are only 200 cases worldwide--as grim. \"They didn\'t want to do anything dramatic if I wasn\'t going to live that long,\" he recalls.    

HackerRank Solves Tech Hiring Crisis by Finding Programmers Where They Live

Forbes--It is no secret that Silicon Valley has a virtually inexhaustible demand for programming talent. It is also no secret that the most important tech companies in the Bay Area recruit primarily from a very small group of prestigious U.S. universities, namely Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and CalTech . These schools do indeed produce great engineers who go on to start up and staff the companies that produce the software that is eating the world. But not only are there not enough of them to satisfy the ravenous tech behemoth—but they may not even be the best hackers these companies can find.

SiSense Raises $30M More to Bring Big Data Analytics to Businesspeople

TechCrunch--SiSense, a business intelligence startup that is among those making big data analytics accessible to ordinary business users (and not just data scientists) is today announcing more funding: a $30 million Series C round led by DFJ Growth — the VC’s arm dedicated to later-stage investments that recently announced a new fund we understand to be totalling over $500 million (in May, its size was ‘only’ $470 million).

Is Hybrid Cloudy with a Chance of Failure?

InformationWeek-Netflix\'s former cloud architect Adrian Cockcroft and other cloud experts weigh in on the realities of hybrid cloud.

Let Staff Go Rogue on Tech

Wall Street Journal--Want to be more competitive? Then empower your most technologically disobedient employees.

RiskIQ rakes in $25M to help companies monitor malware

GigaOm--RiskIQ, an enterprise security company, just closed $25 million in Series B funding. The company provides security monitoring services so clients can uncover and deal with malware, malvertisements and malicious mobile apps that could plague their customers and hurt their brands.

Hard knock life for this family led to 3 CEOs & 4 startups

VentureBeat--Amanda Kahlow didn’t have the easiest childhood. Her parents divorced when she was two years old. Her mother never made more than $19,000 a year. Kahlow and her two older brothers lived in 22 different homes before she was 18. There wasn’t always plumbing — or heat. Last week, her startup 6Sense emerged from stealth mode with $12 million in venture funding. It also won the innovation showdown contest for early-stage companies at VentureBeat’s DataBeat conference.

VCs Eye Big Cloud Software Returns Despite Dwindling Valuations

Reuters-- A cloud software boom has nudged startups into unlikely realms such as dairy farms, yoga studios and back-of-the-building loading docks, leading venture capitalists to hope for stratospheric returns.

Born Out of a Cisco Consulting Gig, Predictive Sales Tool 6Sense Raises $12M

TechCrunch--Of the many ways that big data analytics is impacting how enterprises do business, one of the most interesting has been in the area of predictive intelligence — the idea that by looking at all of the data being created in and around your organisation, you can help figure out what to do in the future.

Android Users Are More Likely to Take the Bus, While the Frequent Fliers Choose iPhones

Re/code--It’s fun to study the differences between iPhone and Android users. BlueStacks, for example, once created a portrait of what the typical Android user looks like. But in an era where companies are spending big money on mobile advertising, understanding the demographics can make a big difference to the bottom line. With that in mind, Battery Ventures decided to do its own research.

Bitcoin Startup Vaurum Gets $4M in Seed Funding from Battery Ventures, Tim Draper and Steve Case

Wall Street Journal--Investors are still bullish on bitcoin, with Battery Ventures, Tim Draper, Steve Case, and other individuals seeding Vaurum with $4 million.

Web Performance Monitoring Startup Catchpoint to Expand in China and Russia

TechCrunch--Catchpoint Systems, a web and infrastructure performance monitoring company, has expanded its monitoring locations to 206 backbone nodes, and plans to add more to Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Sprinklr Launches Social Ad Tools and Raises $40M More

TechCrunch--Sprinklr, which describes itself as “the largest independent social relationship platform provider,” just announced that it has raised $40 million in Series D funding. It’s also launching its first “paid social media solution,” i.e., a product for managing ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Tealium, a marketing tech firm, raises $20 million

FORTUNE -- You might not have heard of Tealium, but that\'s the point. The company dubs itself an \"enterprise tag management\" company, and aims to serve as a layer of standardization between companies\' marketing departments and the dozens of digital marketing tools they want to use.

The Highs and Lows of the Startup Game: Entrepreneur Matthew Bellows Tells his Tale

Forbes--There are a lot of journeymen (and women) in the startup and tech game. Matthew Bellows would probably qualify as one of them.