About Us

You’ve got a great idea, a winning product, an amazing team, a great business. You have choices. There are hundreds of firms who could invest in your business. So why choose Battery?  Yes, we have a track record of success backing breakthrough companies. We’ve been through hundreds of IPOs and M&A events.  We have 30 years of experience. We’ve raised $4.5B since inception and are investing a $900M pool of capital, so yes, we have deep pockets along with big Rolodexes and a smart team.

So what else matters? That we’ll be the most engaged, collaborative and passionate investor around the table. That we remain open to exploring all business ideas, no matter how complicated or far off the beaten track they might at first seem. We will roll up our sleeves and work as hard as you do. We will add value every day, in between board meetings, not just at them. But that doesn’t mean we’ll run your business, we know where to draw the line. We keep our egos in check, operate with integrity and honesty, and put the needs of your business ahead of our own.

Above all, it’s really about chemistry. So get to know us. Talk to the teams we’ve worked with. Ask them how we’ve helped.  You’ll discover the value Battery can add long before we write the first check.  Here’s a bit more about the companies we’ve backed and the difference we’ve made between a great company and an also-ran.

Stage Stage

We invest in all stages of a company’s life, are flexible in the amount we invest, and are creative when it comes to syndicating, finding alternate sources of money, and designing financing to best match your business.

Seed  •  Early  •  Growth  •  Buyout
Sector Sector

We don’t chase fads. We stick with markets we know best where our deep domain expertise, connections, and understanding of buyer behavior and market dynamics will propel your business.

eCommerce & Retail  •  Digital Media  •  Industrial Technologies  •  Infrastructure  •  Software & Services